My Story Series 2: Dr. Hemant Kanakia

As soon as he started, everyone somehow knew that talking to them was a serious intellectual. His calm demeanor and heavy voice reflected the wisdom and the experience he brought with him to Ashoka. Over the next one hour Dr. Hemant Kanakia managed to keep a hundred strong audience of Undergrads, Fellows, Professors and Entrepreneurs enthralled as he doled out the secrets of an angel investor’s world. He started out by describing his journey through the field of technology and how he got to the position where he is right now. But probably the things that all of the members of the audience took back were “4 things to take care of” while building a startup and approaching an angel investor. He talked about things that were pertinent in building a startup environment, such as “Momentum Play and Transplanting Across Geographies”, giving insights which would be immensely helpful to all of us. His talk was followed by a 20 minute Q&A session, where he patiently answered questions from the audience, often surprising us with his incisive answers.

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