Startup Weekend, Ashoka University

14th-16th Nov 2014

The Centre for Entrepreneurship was started with the vision of creating a culture where dreaming big and dreaming crazy would become the norm rather than an exception. We initiated this tradition, with a 3 day non-stop rollercoaster ride, where young wannabe entrepreneurs were given a platform to come up with a big idea and turn it into a viable business model. The first day witnessed the presence of over 70 participants, all eager to pitch their business plan as the ultimate idea and the voting ground looked a lot like a stock exchange of the olden times. After a lot of negotiation, selling and cajoling, the top 15 ideas were voted up. Over the course of the next two days, the participants with the best ideas met their co-founders, brewed their ideas over midnight bonfire, were mentored by seasoned entrepreneurs and did last minute changes to create a convincing pitch in front of a jury. For some, SW Ashoka was a reality check, it exposed their ideas to criticism and taught them how to or how not to function as a team. For others, it was a reaffirmation of the potential in their idea and has been a catalyst in getting them closer to achieving their dream. With the freedom to push their creativity to the limit, this weekend has been one of making mistakes, thinking big and forging long-lasting friendships.

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