Funobics- Fitness is Fun

The idea of fitness is not only about physical exertion, it has a lot to do with an individual’s mental state. A bunch of Young India Fellows took this notion quite seriously and started working on a full-fledged model to make this a tangible plan. The fellowship allows its students to work on an 8 month long project as part of their Experiential Learning Module while running its academic curriculum at the same time. It was there that Damini Nenawati, Kapil Agrawal, Kushal Sagar, and Sucharita Dhar of batch 2015 came up with a unique product around fitness and fun, and decided to give it a solid shape by starting up a company called Mesmerix Entertainment Private Limited.

It is interesting to note that within a span of 8 months the startup has everything set in place. Not only has it raised funds of more than 20 lakhs for itself, it has also set up its own studio in Bangalore. It has even managed to receive constant mentorship and marketing assistance from Sandeep Maheshwari (who is the CEO of by winning a campaign initiated by him called Revolution India. “The support extended and the resources provided by Ashoka University went a long way in enabling us to do whatever we did in the last 8 months” says Kapil Agrawal, a founder of the company.

Funobics, the trademarked product of Mesmerix has managed to create a stir in Bangalore in its early days. Not only has it enrolled more than 20 members within a span of 20 days of its inauguration, it has also received a large volume of requests for its trial sessions. Sucharita Dhar, another founder of the company says, “Funobics session is designed in such a way that you discover energy within yourself that you did not know you had. The concept of Funobics is fresh and unique, and that is very apparent from the moment one enters the Funobics studio.” It is impressive to note that the team came up with the design and eventually designed the studio all by itself. Presently, the studio runs fun and fitness sessions on the weekdays, and fun and engaging workshops (like clowning, Zumba, and magic workshops) on the weekends. Some of their workshops have even been covered by Times of India and News9 in Bangalore. The company now houses a contract by a TV channel to broadcast Funobics sessions every morning in one of its 30 minutes shows.

Taking into consideration how the idea is already creating a buzz in the market, it is only just to presume that Mesmerix is not far from seeing its heyday. The company wishes to establish its studios in all the major cities of India in the near future.

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