The WordsWorth Project

The WordsWorth Project came out as a self-designed project for the YIF experiential learning module as much as from our personal narratives. A combination of early childhood memories surrounded by books and reading, volunteering experiences and a belief that every child deserves equal opportunity was interwoven into our planning for the project.

The idea that tackling language competency would result in the largest gains in learning outcomes forms the backbones of the project. This is because language is the medium through which all subjects are taught and any improvement in the former will spill over.

The WordsWorth Project looks to create fun reading spaces for children stocked with levelled storybooks by indigenous publishers. With an understanding that our responsibility does not end there, we have volunteer intervention to help map individual child progress.

The set up phase was a flurry of activity which involved raising funds, reading storybooks and handpicking the titles, detailing processes, looking for volunteers and training them. Now we have been in operations for almost 2 month in the two spaces in Delhi, responsible for over 60 children with a team of 20 volunteers and 7 facilitators helping us translate the dream into reality. We meet each child twice a week for 1.5 hours. In the first half they read independently or with assistance from the volunteer and in the other half, the volunteers cover basic topics like nouns, prepositions, adjectives through interactive activities.

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